Launch a Compassionate Community

Are you ready to build a Compassionate Community?

Compassionate Communities acknowledge that caregiving, dying, death and grieving is everyone’s business and is best when inclusive of health and social services along with community members and neighbours.

The Compassionate Communities model is great place to start with:

  • easy-to-use resources
  • ideas on how to get started
  • concrete ways that people in your community can contribute

Compassionate Community Initiative

Pallium is invested in helping Canada mobilize around palliative care as a public health issue and has chosen the Compassionate Communities model to guide our work. We aim to effect change through knowledge translation, education, project facilitation and leadership.

Pallium invites everyone—individuals, communities, care-providers, schools, businesses, educators and organizations—to learn about Compassionate Communities and become part of the community, contributing to this vital social transformation.

Get started on launching YOUR Compassionate Community

The Compassionate Communities toolkit

There are many valuable tools and resources to help kickstart your efforts in building a Compassionate Community.

Stories from Canadian Compassionate Community pioneers

Read an example of how a community has used Alan Kellehear’s Compassionate Community Charter to help launch and build their Compassionate Community

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