Pallium Palliative Pocketbook

The 2nd edition, 2nd print of the Pallium Palliative Pocketbook.

Improve your bedside care with the 2nd edition of the Pallium Palliative Pocketbook — an interprofessional just-in-time clinical resource.

The Pallium Palliative Pocketbook is a practical, peer-reviewed, fully-referenced one-stop resource that is intended to support safe, ethical, effective and accountable palliative clinical service. Its compact size and easily accessible information make it ideal for non-specialist physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and medical students.

Notable updates in the 2nd edition of the Pallium Palliative Pocketbook include:

  • Dedicated section on advance care planning
  • New content on delirium
  • Updated dosages to reflect current best practices
  • User friendly index


En Français? Livre de poche Pallium

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