Pallium Canada’s activities at the 21st International Congress on Palliative Care

The 21st International Congress on Palliative Care took place in Montreal from October 18th to 21st and brought together over 2000 palliative care professionals from 65 countries to discuss and to share their research and new initiatives on how to improve palliative care.

Pallium Canada was honoured to be present as an exhibitor and also to host multiple activities over four days. Dr. Kathryn Downer, National Director of Pallium Canada, facilitated two workshops, the first entitled “It Takes a Community: Learning Essential Approaches to Palliative and End-of-Life Care (LEAPing) in Long-Term Care” and the second “Embedding Cultural Competencies in Palliative Care Education and Training”. Dr. Denise Marshall facilitated the third workshop hosted by Pallium entitled “Jump on the Bus! Palliative Care is Everyone’s Business”. One of the goals from Pallium Canada’s Vision 2020 Strategic Plan is to empower Canadian communities to care for persons requiring palliative care and to support their families, and sparking these conversations is the first step to building compassionate communities.

Aside from the workshops, Pallium Canada also had 2 poster presentations, the first being “Pallium’s Compassionate Schools Initiative” and the second “A National Approach to Palliative Care Education: A Suite of Learning Essentials for Different Settings”.

Pallium Canada also took the opportunity to promote the new French version of the second edition of Pallium Palliative Pocketbook, le Livre de poche de Pallium sur les soins palliatifs. The Livre de Poche is now available to order online and the eBook version will be coming soon.

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