Pallium and LEAP training demonstrates innovation and impact.

In this piece by Global National, Pallium Canada and our Learning Essential Approaches to Palliative Care (LEAP) courseware were highlighted as an innovative solution to provide Canadians with better access to palliative care. This is extremely important as currently only 16-30% of Canadians have access to good quality palliative care.

Since November 2014, Pallium Canada has trained over 8,000 front-line healthcare professionals from all across the country in the essentials of palliative care. LEAP courses go into the community and provides healthcare professionals with skills they can take back to their teams to improve the quality of care they provide. One of LEAPs most dramatic impacts has been felt in Nova Scotia and PEI where LEAP Paramedic was administered to over 1,000 paramedics. Post training, LEAP Paramedic has resulted in a 50% drop in unnecessary transports to the Emergency Room in the last 6 months.

“The more people you train, the better access there is going to be for palliative care in the country,” said Pallium Canada’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. José Pereira.

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