What Pallium Brings

Pallium is turning knowledge into action to improve access to palliative care across Canada.

Pallium aims to ensure that every Canadian who requires palliative care receives it early, effectively and compassionately. Our mission is to educate healthcare professionals about a palliative care approach and work with partners to accelerate the integration of essential skills in palliative care in communities and healthcare systems.

We do this through our:


Pallium is at the forefront of developing, testing and implementing strategies to increase primarily-level palliative care across Canada by partnering with national organizations and provincial/territorial authorities; creating collaborative spaces to learn about compassionate communities; testifying at Senate committee meetings; and presenting at conferences.


A key foundation of Pallium’s work is stakeholder engagement. We build and leverage partnerships to support the palliative care approach, to develop our award-winning LEAP courses and educational materials, and to publish research articles. Building partnerships is one of the core values of Pallium Canada.

Pallium is uniquely positioned on the national stage to leverage its network of over 600 certified facilitators located in communities across Canada. As leaders within their profession, these individuals are poised to extend their influence beyond the healthcare setting to support Pallium’s community engagement strategy.

Educational Resources

Pallium is the sole national organization supporting continuing inter-professional palliative care education across Canada. We aim to improve access to palliative care for all Canadians through education and resources that are expert-developed, peer-reviewed and evidence-based.

Pallium offers a variety of LEAP courses with many accredited through the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. Our most popular include LEAP Core and LEAP Mini and specialty courses include LEAP Paramedic and LEAP Long-term care. Find out more about our extensive LEAP course offering.

Pallium and LEAP training demonstrates innovation and impact.


of paramedics in Nova Scotia & PEI representing over 1000 people have been trained by Pallium.


drop in unnecessary transports to the emergency room by paramedics post LEAP training (over a 6 month period)


Pallium conducts and participates in research to evaluate and improve educational courses and resources and to advance palliative care in Canada. From inquiry to data generation and data translation/analysis, research helps to identify best practices that are evidence-based. Pallium is committed to sharing and applying these best practices and to continual improvement of its own courses and materials.