Palliative care is about improving quality of life

Whether you are a community leader, an influencer, or a healthcare professional, you can help make this happen. And Pallium Canada is here to support you.


Our goal is that every Canadian who requires palliative care will receive it early, effectively and compassionately, giving them the best living in the time that they have.

Do you think every Canadian should have an opportunity to enjoy these benefits?

Together, we can make an incredible difference.

Dr. José Pereira knew more needed to be done when he met George. George knew he was terminally ill. His fear wasn’t about dying but was about suffering and not being able to enjoy his remaining time.

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Read how Bruyère's Family Health Team partnered with Pallium to support four large family medicine teaching clinics to provide primary-level palliative care to their own patients.

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Learn how Natalie’s participation in Pallium’s paramedic course left her feeling empowered and better equipped to make decisions based on the best interest of the patient.

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Everybody has a role in providing better palliative care.

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