1. Pallium Portal “How to Guide”
2. Who are LEAP Facilitators?
3. What are important Pallium Portal terms to understand as a LEAP Facilitator?
4. How do I become a Pallium LEAP Facilitator?
5. How do I set up a session in the Pallium Portal?
6. How do I advertise for a session?
7. How do I review the session’s attendee list?

Pallium Portal "How to Guide"Download here: Pallium Portal How To Guide
Who are LEAP Facilitators?Pallium Canada's LEAP Facilitators are healthcare professionals (Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists, Social Workers, etc.) who have completed Pallium's Facilitator Training course and have signed the Terms of Use Agreement. LEAP Facilitators facilitate LEAP courses. In some situations they also:
  1. Communicate with LEAP Participants
  2. Advertise LEAP courses
  3. Plan venues and catering
  4. Manage sessions in the Pallium Portal
What are important Pallium Portal terms to understand as a LEAP Facilitator? Course:
A "course" is the general term for a specific curriculum (e.g. LEAP Core, LEAP Mini, LEAP LTC, etc.). Each LEAP course has its own dedicated page in the Pallium Portal.

A "session" is an instance of a course and is held at a specific time and location. We use "sessions" to organize our LEAP courses so we can keep track of where they occurred and who attended them.
How do I become a Pallium LEAP Facilitator? To become a Pallium Canada certified LEAP Facilitator you must complete the application process. To do so:
  1. Review the LEAP Facilitators Criteria
  2. If you meet the requirements, please create an account in the Pallium Portal
  3. Login and click "Become a Facilitator" in the blue menu at the top of the page
  4. Enter your information on the application page
  5. Pallium Canada will review your application and respond

If approved, you will be enrolled in an upcoming LEAP Facilitator Training by Pallium.
What is the LEAP Facilitator Training?
New facilitators undergo 3 phases of training to become certified LEAP facilitators.
  • Phase 1 Pre-course work: Complete the required online LEAP Facilitator modules in the Pallium Portal, agree to the Terms of Use Agreement, the Conflict of Interest Agreement
  • Phase 2 Facilitator Training Workshop: Prepare in advance for the Facilitator Training Workshop and attend the one-day face-to-face LEAP Facilitator training session hosted by Pallium
  • Phase 3 Post Face-to-face Workshop: activities and co-facilitation experiences
    • Co-facilitate 2 LEAP sessions with an experienced facilitator before they are certified to facilitate the LEAP courses
    • Obtain "Letter of Trainee Completion" signed by Co-Facilitator
    • Upload "Letter of Trainee Completion" to the Pallium Portal

Once successfully completed, you will be a LEAP Facilitator. Pallium will add you to the LEAP courses in Portal which will give you the ability to create sessions and access to the LEAP course facilitator kits.
How do I set up a session in the Pallium Portal?Once you are a certified LEAP Facilitator, you can create LEAP sessions. To set up a session, you must ensure that you are enrolled in the correct course (e.g. LEAP Core, LEAP Mini, etc.). To do this:
  1. Login to the Pallium Portal
  2. Select "My Courses"
  3. Click the course you would like to create a session for
  4. Click the activity "Classroom Sessions"
  5. Below the list of upcoming sessions, click the link that says "Add a new session"
  6. Fill out the required session information
  7. Click "Save Changes" and then Pallium Canada will review to approve your session
  8. Review LEAP Course Checklist to ensure you have everything you need in place
How do I advertise for a session?Pallium Canada has created LEAP Flyers for each course that you can download here:We have also created brochures for each course. You can download them here:
How do I review the session's attendee list?Reviewing the attendee list allows LEAP Facilitators to confirm everyone who was invited to the session is accounted for. Once your session is approved, participants can sign up for it. To review the attendee list:
  1. Login to the Pallium Portal
  2. Select "My Courses"
  3. Click on the course you would like to review attendance for
  4. Click the activity called "Classroom Sessions"
  5. Find your session in the list of upcoming sessions
  6. Select "Attendees" in the Options column (last one on the right)
  7. Review enrolled LEAP Participants in your session (e.g. Ensure LEAP participants have completed pre course surveys, etc.)