A palliative care course for paramedics and EMS professionals


To organize a courseIf there is no course near you and/or you wish to bring one to your team, facility or community, contact the Pallium Office at support@pallium.ca or call us at 1-613-562-6262 ext. 1784. Organizers also need to create an account or login to their existing account in Pallium Central, our learning management system.
Target learnersParamedics and EMS professionals
  • Provide the essential practical knowledge, attitudes and skills to provide a palliative care approach
  • Link learners to local palliative care resources
  • Change practice to include palliative care on-site
  • Competency-based
  • Blended program: online and face-to-face. Maximum of 45 learners
  • 10 modules with 6-8 hours online interactive theory based, and 6 hours (excluding breaks) case-based face-to-face
Facilitators Pallium certified Paramedic LEAP Facilitators may lead the facilitation but each course must have the presence of a palliative care clinician (e.g. palliative care nurse or physician in that region) who can serve as a resource person during the course or a Pallium certified LEAP facilitator.
Learning Activities
  • Small and large group learning and discussions
  • Case-based (f2f)
  • Short cases
  • Practical tips
  • Short videos
  • Reflections
  • Online interactive theory
  • Taking Ownership
  • Decision-making & Advance Care Planning
  • Pain
  • Dyspnea
  • Essential Conversations
  • Psychosocial Distress
  • Nausea, Vomiting & Hydration
  • Delirium
  • Last Days & Hours
  • Palliative Emergencies
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    Course Development Team
  • Cheryl Cameron, M.Ed., ACP (AB) (Alberta Lead)
  • Dr. Lisa Fischer MD, FRCPC (Emergency Medicine & Palliative Care Physician) (ON)
  • Katherine Houde – ACP Paramedic, EHS (NS) (Nova Scotia Lead)
  • Dr. José Luis Pereira MBChB, DA, CCFP, MSc (ON)
  • Dr. Erin O’Connor MSc MD FRCPC (Emergency Medicine & Palliative Care Physician) (ON)
  • Dr. Lori Teeple MD, CCFP(EM), FCFP (ON)
    • Contributors
  • Darcy Clinton Paramedic Chief/General Manager and Paramedic, Island EMS (PEI)
  • Dr. Jolene Cook – ED Physician (NS)
  • Sandee Crooks – ACP Paramedic, EHS (NS)
  • Mark Walker – Manager of Clinical Services & ACP paramedic, EHS (NS)
  • Shawn Westbury – Eastern Operations Manager and Paramedic, Island EMS (PEI)
    • Peer Reviewers
  • Daniel Andrew – EMT-P (ACP) (AB)
  • Tara Bester – EMT-A (PCP) (AB)
  • Belle Clark – EMT-P (ACP) (AB)
  • Erin Hosaluk – ACP (SK)
  • Corey Lapalme – ACP (ON)
  • Simon Tye – EMT-A (PCP) (AB)
  • Tyler Vanderveen – EMT-P (ACP) (AB)
  • Jack Zhang – EMT-A (PCP) (AB)
    • Instructional Design & Project Support
  • Odete Carreira (project management)
  • Kathryn Downer (project oversight)
  • Nathalie Gravelle-Ray (project management)
  • April Murphy (online instructional design)
  • Gaelle Parsons (slides)
  • Brady Riordan (layout)

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