All Pallium Canada products are delivered by certified LEAP Facilitators.

LEAP Facilitators help Pallium Canada build capacity in palliative care by:

  • Educating front-line healthcare professionals
  • Solidifying local interprofessional healthcare teams
  • Standardizing competency-based training

Pallium Canada offers training and certification for LEAP facilitators. Certified facilitators can   use the LEAP courseware and all of Pallium Canada’s learning resources upon agreeing to the Terms of Use Agreement. LEAP Facilitators receive unlimited access to:

  • Pallium Portal (Learning Management System)
  • Renewed, up-to-date content
  • E-learning and communication video resources
  • Repository of setting-based cases
  • Reports on LEAP sessions

During LEAP facilitator training, participants learn to use the LEAP curriculum to address different learning styles. They are introduced to a number of facilitation strategies including:

  • Small group work
  • Case-based discussions
  • Trigger videos
  • Large group discussions
  • Role play

Facilitation Training includes:

  • Pre-workshop on line activities
  • A One-day Facilitator Training Workshop
  • 2 Co- facilitation experiences with a Certified LEAP facilitator / coach

In order to become a certified LEAP Facilitator, applicants must meet the qualifications outlined in 2016 LEAP Facilitators Criteria and apply as below:

  1. Apply to become a facilitator submitting references from 2 colleagues (per the application form) and receive approval from Pallium to attend the Facilitator Training Workshop.

How to apply to become a facilitator: