Courselets are 20-30 minute-long interactive modules designed to achieve several learning objectives, with the goal of achieving an in-depth understanding of the subject. Courselets will be accessible through the Pallium Portal, where users can map their activity and courses. Upcoming Pallium Canada Courselets include: “Critical Conversations,” “Neuropathic Pain,” “Step II Opioids,” “Approach to Bone Pain,” “Constipation Bowel Care,” “Spiritual Care,” “Introduction to Palliative Emergencies,” “Prognostication,” “Withdrawing Respiratory Support,” “Palliative Sedation,” and “Delirium Part 1, 2, and 3.”

Here is an example of an E-Module from LEAP Paramedic:

LEAP Paramedic is:

  • Competency-based
  • Blended program: online and face-to-face. Maximum of 40 learners
  • 10 modules with 4 hours online interactive theory based, and 4-5 hours case-based face-to-face
  • Visit the LEAP Paramedic page to learn more