Pallium Canada’s goal is to strengthen Canadians’ ability to provide health, home and community-based palliative care through education and support to healthcare professionals and family/ neighbour carers so that every Canadian who requires palliative care will receive it early, effectively and compassionately. Since its inception, Pallium Canada has been invested in helping Canada mobilize around Palliative Care as a public health issue, and in particular, to understand, adapt and adopt the Compassionate Communities paradigm. We have worked with Canadian experts on Compassionate Communities to scale up early ground-breaking work on implementing a Canadian version of the Compassionate Community/City charter.

We are thrilled to be in the final stages of putting the Compassionate Community Startup Kit together and will be launching it soon. Click the link to sign up if you would like to receive a notification when the kit becomes available.



“Thank you for sending us the Compassionate Community Startup kit for compassionate communities. Our small working group was interested in the whole notion of Compassionate Communities and had no idea where to even begin! The kit gave us a step by step guide to get us started with easy and simple to follow direction to make our presentation to the community a success. It had every detail covered in the facilitator’s guide, the easy to follow icons gave the presenter a sense of relief while public speaking. No detail was left out! This kit was a great initial step to kick-starting our compassionate community. We had so much interest we have been invited to speak at our local town council meeting to help drive this initiative forward. We have no doubt that this kit will be an asset to any compassionate community initiative.”
– Melissa Hingst, Licensed Practical Nurse
Drumheller Alberta

“We would not have been able to launch our event without the toolkit. With neither the resource or funding our decisions to launch was made based on access to and the availability of this Startup kit. So, thank you for allowing us to build on the shoulders of giants.”
– Jodi Pereira, Director of Community Programs
Heart House Hospice

“Compassion is always in fashion! I have found that when I mention the Compassionate Communities movement that people stop and listen. They are very curious as to what it means and what it is all about. Piloting the movement in our community was such a wonderful experience. The Startup kit provided by Pallium was invaluable and gave an outline, an understanding, a process and the tools to invite and engage community partners to learn more. From participants, there was an eagerness and a will to learn, followed by an understanding, inspiration and action.”
– Andrea Roylance, Manager, Gifts & Gratitude
Matthews House Hospice

“The Compassionate Community Startup Kit effectively launched our organization’s efforts to build a compassionate community, by providing a helpful framework within which we could begin a conversation with community stakeholders. The kit was user-friendly, informative, and well designed. In giving the presentation, I found the kit to be appropriately adaptable and helpful in facilitating dialogue around local issues. I highly recommend the toolkit as a starting point for anyone interested bringing the Compassionate Communities model to their community. ”
– Craig Johnson, Manager, Gifts & Gratitude
Colchester East Hants Hospice
Truro, Nova Scotia

Pallium’s Startup Kit helped us facilitate a comprehensive community engagement meeting that sparked both staff and student’s interest in pursuing the idea of Brock becoming the first official compassionate university. This kit provides both concrete information about Compassionate Communities as well as flexibility to tailor the meeting to our Brock community, and I think this combination allowed our community to fall in love with the idea of Compassionate Brock.
Isabelle Cruz & Aiman Ali
Compassionate Brock Co-leads