A Diealogues event hosted by McNally House Hospice

McNally House Hospice has been working on a number of initiatives throughout West Niagara that align the Compassionate Cities Charter.

Demystifying Death Through Art

In December, the Grimsby Art Gallery hosted an exhibit titled “Curtain” as a part of the Compassionate Communities Initiative. Hospital curtains, photographed by Jeff Bierk while visiting loved ones in a hospital, demonstrate both the real and metaphorical barriers of death. To break down some of these barriers, a community panel was held to discuss death through history; coping with grief; death in schools and the role art can play in approaching difficult subject matters.
We are currently working with the Grimsby Art Gallery to book new exhibits that deal with death, dying and loss to our community. A community art challenge is also being planned for early next year!

Reading and Film Initiative

For the last year, the “Death: Something to Talk About” reading/film initiative has been offered at the Grimsby Public Library and we are excited to announce that this program will be expanding to the libraries of Lincoln and West Lincoln this fall This program offers a bag of 3 books related to death, dying, loss and bereavement. A bookmark with a list of local supports will also be included. A number of film nights are also being planned, that will include a discussion after the film.
Death, Dying, Loss and Bereavement in School
We’ve held several focus groups with educators to explore how schools currently deal with a death either within, or outside the school. These groups identified a need for a list of resources as well as a guidance document schools can use to ensure this sensitive topic is approached in the best possible manner.

The Traveling Death Cafe

McNally House Hospice Walking Bucket List

Throughout the summer McNally House will be participating in local festivals and markets with our travelling Death Café. At each event, we will be offering a small activity meant to demystify death and get people talking! “What’s on Your Bucket List?” display and a “Good Death” Speaker’s Corner are the first activities we will be offering!

Contact Info: Amanda Black
Facebook: @mcnallyhousehospice
Twitter: @McNallyHospice

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Pallium Canada will be hosting a Mobilizing Compassionate Communities Symposium Take 2 on September 20th, 2017. Pam Blackwood, Executive Director of McNally House Hospice, will be a guest speaker at the Symposium. This will be a FREE event, register here.